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With all manipulative media and Internet charades, many people became totally “brainwashed” into false believing that only the largest universities and only a few large accreditation organizations are “legitimate” (or better) in the United States. IN REALITY, all educational institutions and all accrediting agencies are fully legitimate, as long as they are acting in the legitimate way.    

This form of psychological manipulations achieved by continually telling one group of people that something is true when in reality, it can be false. Psychological manipulations are also performed by preventing any other information from ​reaching people subjected to this form of psychological abuse (brainwashing). All such misleading activities performed intentionally by paid people that are hired to promote the high costs of higher education.        

With current out-of-control costs of higher education in the United States, educational manipulations are representing a totally new "industry of deception" that was intentionally designed and created to support and to enforce existing educational costs.  

Educational manipulations are staged in many layers of deception and misrepresentation, it is interconnected and weaved into almost a "web" of vicious misrepresentations, just to deceive public into accepting something that educational manipulators are trying to force public to accept (but these things never existed in the real life).  

At present time, some educational manipulators are creating entire "departments" for invention and dissemination of incorrect and misleading information with intention to make general public to accept something as "true", when in reality it is false. Goals of these manipulators are to use correct facts and correct information, but to change it and to pervert it to the totally different meanings that usually can be interpreted by regular people in the way that is not corresponding with the real facts.    

Manipulators are creating so-called "educational" and "non-profit" organizations, where nothing is educational and nothing is non-profit. Word "educational" for these manipulators is equal to the words "political manipulations"; and word "non-profit" has only the meaning that these manipulators are not leaving anything in their "made for deception" organizational bank accounts (at the end of the year) and are paying all collected millions of dollars to themselves in the form of personal salaries.  

Nothing is as bad, as the hyper-vigilant media machine of misrepresentation that intentionally was created for dissemination of incorrect information...   All these deceptive practices were intentionally invented to discourage creation of any legitimate low-costs universities; so nobody would interfere with educational rip-off schemes created by some manipulators.  

The worst part of these schemes is the fact that these manipulators are paying off (in another words, "buying") many public officials and people that have political connections.    

By provisions of the United States laws, any educational (academic) degree received because of the educational efforts made by student, is a fully legitimate degree. Existing laws (in the United States) are also NOT providing for any special requirements for any university; the same way, the laws are NOT providing for the necessity of any accreditation for any university. As long as educational degree is awarded for legitimate studies, this educational degree is fully legitimate.    

Misleading information very often provided in the United States even by the official governmental representatives (on the level of States) that are intentionally providing extremely vague explanations (or even clearly incorrect information).   It is illegal for any official public representative (public official) to openly give any preference for any university or for any accrediting agency that provides accreditations for universities (private accreditation organizations and accreditation associations). Nevertheless, in many documents, some State officials (and departments) are openly violating existing laws and constitutional provisions by giving preferential treatment for the selected universities and for some selected accrediting organizations.  

Parties and organizations that are interested in preferential treatment, very often are “paying-off” or “paying back” for these favors by making large political and regular “contributions” to organizations and to the election funds of some elected public officials.   Educational manipulators are attempting to control all educational affairs by using deceptive claims that only a few of them have some sort of "special" "authority" (that never existed). The same people cannot stop on ravaging only the United States educational affairs and they are attempting to enforce their misleading methods in education affairs around the World (but not always successfully)... They are promoting themselves by advertisements (and by hired people that are posting false endorsements for them) as so-called "educational authorities" in the U.S. higher education; but they have no any legitimate status to control or to influence any educational affairs and have exactly the same authority as hundreds of other organizations that are involved in educational affairs.  

These questionable organizations are pretending to be some sort of educational "authorities" and are using millions of collected dollars (collected from universities and from accrediting agencies/organizations) to run endless misleading self-promoting advertisement campaigns. The same organizations are using political connections and are hiring people to monitor the Internet in their attempts to control any information posted on the Internet (and in other media sources) that may have any relevance to the matters of higher education. These questionable organizations are claiming to be some so-called "authorized" higher education "authority"; but nothing like that ever existed. In real life, their only "authority" is to be the same organization(s) as thousands of other similar organizations.    

In these deceptive ways, some questionable organizations are attempting to force universities and accrediting agencies to pay thousands of dollars (and are collecting millions of dollars in this way), just to be "recognized" by organizations that have no bigger authority than any other similar entity. "Recognition" by these organizations (that have no any real authority) has also meaning that any "recognized" university or accrediting agency must pay every year to these organizations thousands of dollars in "membership fees" that really are the fees for the political protection made in the form of lobbying activities conducted by these organizations. All these social and political manipulations are also creating constant increase in the costs of higher education.  

In the United States, educational authority is equally divided between all educational institutions and all accrediting agencies. If any organization claims to have some sort of "designated" or "official" authority, such organization is nothing more but one of the described educational manipulators with invented and non-existing "authority".  

It became almost customary in the United States to promote everything that is the most expensive, especially in education. It happens only because promoters are paid more to promote expensive educational services; and later these people are claiming that it is done not to fill-up pockets of selected people and entities with billions of dollars, but for so-called “quality of education”... However, these promoters and any places that they are promoting only interested to get more and more money from students that usually do not have any money… And when students have no money... students are taking educational loans..., the same loans that they would not be able to pay back after graduation... Mostly, educational loans are issued (or guaranteed) by the United States government and when government is not receiving back money provided as educational loans, regular taxpayers are suffering from the reduction of federal budget directly converted into reduction of social benefits... In another words, educational manipulators that are promoting high costs of education are destroying entire governmental social structure and are inflicting irreversible damage to all citizens...  


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